Monday, November 1, 2010

From Nusa Lembongan, we took the fast ferry and found ourselves in Sanur once again.  We hired a car for $15 to take us to the small seaside village of Padang Bai.  1 1/2 hours and two police bribes later we arrived at the Topi Inn, an eclectic little spot by the ocean.
 I took a cooking class which included a trip to the local market at 6 am. The market was filled with
 exotic fruits, heady scents and colorful characters.  An entire pig was being prepared on a spit to be offered to the Gods later that day.  The balinese place offerings of food at their personal shrine three times daily. On this particular day, a big festival was planned to appease the Gods, in hope that their village would then be spared from earthquakes and tsunami as had happened recently.  The gifts were to be placed
in a small, make-shift boat and set out to sea.  Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take pictures for fear it could anger the Gods.

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